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Are you ready to tap into the HUGE online learning market with a game-changing course?

How to Create a Binge-Worthy Course that’s So Good, It Sells Itself…

… Even If You Have No Experience, No Audience, and No Advertising Budget.

Get Your Copy of Binge Worthy Today and Discover How to Make Addictive Online Courses That Get Your Students Engaging, Succeeding, and Raving About You!

"I have now a clear idea how to structure my online course for maximum value and how to keep my students engaged, so that they'll actually reap the benefits of their transformation."

Veronika Amaya

Online courses are a dime a dozen, wouldn’t you agree?

E-learning is huge right now and they say it’s only going to get bigger…

So now seems like the time to move on that course idea you have.

But if you’re like most experts, you stop before you ever get started.

And so your course idea remains just an idea. All that untapped potential–never realized.

All those people who want your help–still struggling.

And let me assure you of this:

Now is still the best time to create an online course.

Analysts predict that online learning in the US alone will be a $687 billion market by 2030.

… But your course will only get attention if it’s created the right way.

The competition for attention is greater than ever.

Between the constant hyped up hype of social media influencers, the ads in the algorithm, shouting at us all day, the 24–hour news cycle, and the surge of AI generated content everywhere… It’s just a sea of noise.

But YOU can stand out with a Course That Creates Its Own Buzz

Think about how you learned of the last big hit TV show. 

Maybe you saw or heard a commercial about it but for the most part, we hear about the popular TV shows from the people around us – Friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances…. 

There’s a buzz. 

People can’t stop talking about it. 

Ted Lasso, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The King’s Gambit, Breaking Bad, The Diplomat, Orange is the New Black, The Americans, Derry Girls, The Great British Baking Show, Game of Thrones, Enola Holmes, The Handmaid’s Tale, Call the Midwife, Women At War.

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, you never stop hearing about ‘em. 

And everybody’s gonna rush to watch Season 2 when it drops. 

THAT’S what we’re after with your course.

Because when you can generate that kind of binge-worthy buzz, here’s what can happen: 

  • Selling becomes easier, because people come to you already sold

  • Your new students come into your course excited to engage with the material

  • Getting repeat customers is practically a given when you launch your next thing

… no matter what methods or platforms you use to market your course.

I will show you how to make your course as binge-worthy as the next big show. 

And it doesn’t have to be so hard. 

In fact, creating a binge-worthy course is something you can do whether it’s your 1st or your 50th one. 

These are the core elements that make a course binge worthy:



Nonstop Success


Safe Risks

Normalized Challenges

Overcome Challenges

Mission Accomplished

So HOW do you create this game-changing, transformational course so your students will be excited to finish every last lesson?

How do you make your course so good that your students rave about it like it’s the next big show . . .

. . . and get giddy for your NEXT offer when they’re done?

Hi There!

I’m Natalie Hill. 

I wrote my book, Binge Worthy, to help you turn your expertise into a transformational course that your students love to finish and can’t stop talking about.

As a lifelong adventurer, I’m always looking for ways to learn and grow and make my life feel like a fun adventure… and I look for ways to include others in that adventure too. 

Whether in my teaching career, online courses, or in my everyday life, my mission has been to spark the life-changing transformation people seek me out to get. 

It wasn’t until I stumbled into the world of online learning that I realized how powerful my methodology could become with groups. After testing this with my online groups, I’m now certain: 

If you can deliver a course that truly engages your students, you can change lives and create forever-fans. 

Now I’d like to invite you to get a copy of my book to discover exactly how you can make it happen. 

Inside My Book, You’ll Discover the Secret to Attracting Raving Fans Who Happily Pay to Learn from YOU

...and tell all their friends, too!

Inside my book, Binge Worthy, I’ll share with you a powerful system for designing, filling, and delivering your own binge-worthy course according to my Binge Worthy Blueprint. 

You’ll hear stories from my own life and the lessons I’ve learned helping countless experts and entrepreneurs just like you . . .

. . . turn their hard-won expertise into effective, engaging courses that make an impact and change lives, putting YOU “on the map” as the go-to expert in your niche. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got years of creating informational products or if you’re only just now starting to think about going online with your knowledge…

...the lessons, guidance, and exercises inside Binge Worthy will help you develop an engaging and transformational course and develop a pack of raving fans who will want to buy everything you put out there.

Inside the Book, You’ll Learn…

  • Why so many of us struggle to plan our courses, and some simple actions you can take today to clarify the process and start laying the foundation for your course plan. 

  • Secrets of the human brain and how to tap into the power of desire. With this new awareness, you can harness the power of psychology for the benefit of your students.

  • The exact steps to take to “translate” your knowledge into a course…and not just any ol’ course, either – a binge-worthy course. 

  • Insights on critical topics like student experience, community-building, and the role of technology in your business. No more wasting time trying to “figure it out” on your own!

  • Stories of encouragement from other course creators. You’re not alone in your quest to create a course… and all the questions that come with the process. See yourself in their stories & get inspired.

  • Important questions to ask yourself on the path to course creation. You’ll get clarity about where you are now and where you want to go.

Here’s What People Just Like You Are Saying About the Methods Taught In This Book

Natalie’s book,Binge Worthy, is a shining feat and welcome gift for anyone who is wanting to up their online course game and start making money while doing it.

Natalie is an absolute star at breaking down difficult concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand.

Tumi - Somatic Coach, Magician and Entrepreneur

I devoured the book and accompanying course in a matter of days, and I know exactly what steps to take next to create my own course capable of inspiring the same behavior in my future clients!

. . . most books and courses on the topic only tell you what to do, they don’t explain why and how, but Binge Worthy does that and more!

Dr. Tracey Steady Hardcastle, DACM, Transformational Coach

Wow, I'm absolutely blown away by the information in this book!

I have now a clear idea how to structure my online course for maximum value and how to keep my students engaged, so that they'll actually reap the benefits of their transformation.

And the best of all - Natalie's methods are fun!

Veronika Amaya, Relationship Coach

“Natalie's Binge Worthy . . . is the BEST EVER...”

I am a life-long learner, student-teacher who has been immersed in the eLearning space (at all levels) since its inception.

Two Masters and two Doctorate studies as well as over 2-years of industry experience later, I can say that Natalie's Binge Worthy, How to Make Addictive Online Courses That Get Your Students Engaging, Succeeding and Raving About You… the BEST EVER, particularly because of the innovative and engaging integration of the GAMIFICATION, COMMUNITY AND CONNECTION that she co-created with our team of participants.

Absolutely Fabulous!

Michael Crawley

“...all of the fear and overwhelm began changing to excitement and enthusiasm.…”

I am in the very earliest stages of starting an online business. I know this is what I want to do and I’m taking the leap because I don’t want to keep waiting for someday, but I’ve been scared and overwhelmed. 

From the first chapter of Natalie’s book all of the fear and overwhelm began changing to excitement and enthusiasm for all the things I want to teach and share, and all of the people I hope to impact.

Thank you Natalie for infusing me with your enthusiasm and providing a roadmap to show me how to build the kind of business I dream of. I’m so happy I found you at this early stage!

Sharli Turner, Writer and Coach

“...a delightful journey through what it takes to create an online course that is fun, achievable and worthwhile…”

Natalie's book "Binge Worthy" is a delightful journey through what it takes to create an online course that is fun, achievable and worthwhile. With a style that is clear and personable she starts by sharing her own inspiring story on how she got to do what she loves, and then goes on to outline the traits that make an online course binge worthy.

I loved the takeaways from each chapter and the testimonials, making the book easier to digest and alive. A special note about how she teaches to incorporate AI, which is done in an ethical and smart yet low tech effort way. The gamification elements were also really great to learn. 

A very useful guide for anyone embarking on the journey of creating a course worth binging!

Emilia Pucci - Online Course Creator

“... it's like Natalie opened the doors to a secret chamber of wisdom where the air is filled with innovative ideas.”

In “Binge Worthy”, it's like Natalie opened the doors to a secret chamber of wisdom where the air is filled with innovative ideas. The community she talks about isn't just a group of people; it's a gathering of fellow creative geniuses, where experiences and points of view are shared without judgment.

And let's not forget about any course creator’s endgame - creating addictive, high-quality learning experiences. This isn't just a goal; it's a mission, and Natalie equips you with the tools to achieve it. Because, let's be real, when your students are raving about your courses, you've not just taught them; you've transformed them.

If you are creating any course where you want engagement and transformation, then you should read Natalie Hill’s “Binge Worthy” - it will be time well spent!

Clive Leonard, Online Course Creator

“...I wish I’d had a book like this when I began.…”

This book is amazing! I love the way Natalie has incorporated tips for working with AI, ways to gamify your courses, success check-ins, and clear directions for creating a course that will fully engage your students. 

The generosity of resources Natalie includes with the book is astounding. As someone who spent over 15 years writing course curriculum and teaching, I wish I’d had a book like this when I began teaching online courses.

K.C. Gott, Teacher & Intuitive Coach

Get your copy of Binge Worthy today.

ONLY $4.99

and you’ll also get these 5 free bonuses:

Experience Binge Worthy Gamification

Experience for yourself all the addictive elements of the Binge Worthy Blueprint in action!

Laced throughout the book our fun and exciting Gamification elements.

Reading the book tells you how to create a Binge Worthy Course. Taking this course gives you the full Binge Worthy Experience.

You’re gonna love it!
Learn On the Go, Wherever You go!

The audiobook version of Binge Worthy is included with your order at no additional cost!

Listen while you’re in the car, brainstorming with a pen and paper, on a walk . . .

. . . Or anywhere else life takes you!
20 of the HOTTEST Niches NOW!

Plug into one of these for even bigger buzz!

Discover the 20 hottest niches for online learning right now. Plus, get 175 course ideas!

These are sure to spark big ideas for your own course… Or, if you find a perfect idea laid out, then go for it!
Case Study Interviews

See the paths to success that others have traveled.

Meet my students as they describe their own journeys…

How they overcame their fears and doubts, and the courses they created. Hear what they’re most proud of, and get insight into the income their courses have generated, too!

Learn from their examples, glean their insights, and propel yourself along your own path to success.

The Binge Worthy Blueprint PDF

The whole blueprint, at your fingertips.

A professionally designed PDF of the Binge Worthy Blueprint will help you keep and use everything you learn in the book.

Use this as a reference as you’re developing a Binge Worthy Course, to make it even easier to follow all the steps.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In the Book:


Understand What Makes a Course Binge-Worthy

The first critical part of this process is to understand the core elements of binge-worthy courses. We’ll dig into what makes a course truly binge-worthy and examine ways to incorporate those things into online learning.

You’ll take a personal inventory of what’s working for you right now, what needs to change, and what kind of life you hope to lead as a course creator. You’ll also work out your ideal course topic so you can isolate the BEST course to create… one that people need, want, and will happily enroll in. 

We’ll also look at the common pitfalls and problems with online learning today, and give you the solutions to overcome each one of these in your own course. 


Planning and Creating Your Binge-Worthy Course

In the central portion of the book, you’ll discover every aspect of my 8-point Binge Worthy Blueprint. 

Once you see how each of these fundamentals works together to make your course binge-worthy, you’ll be clear on how to design a course that is not only transformational… but highly motivating for your students to complete. 

You’ll find checklists, pointers, and guides along the way to keep you on track and help you ensure everything’s set up correctly. 


Tools and Tactics to Market, and Fill Your Course

Once you’ve planned your binge-worthy course, it’s time to take action! You’ll discover my favorite tools and methodologies for creating your course content – including how you can use AI to help you brainstorm course content, understand your market, and come up with new ideas. 

You’ll learn about all the technology you need to create your course – and likely more importantly, the technology you DON’T need. It can be a lot simpler than you might think! 

And once everything is ready to go, you’ll go through my proven process for marketing your course in ways that are simple, easy, peaceful and full of connection.. And the best part is… no sales pages or videos required!

I know you’re ready to create your course, and I want it to be a big hit for you. That’s why I’m so excited to share my book with you!

Discover the Secret to Courses That Generate Their Own Buzz With

Binge Worthy:


Get your copy of Binge Worthy for just $4.99 and Discover the Blueprint for Creating a Binge-Worthy Course TODAY

Inside my new book, you’ll get access to the tools and frameworks to create a course that turns your students into raving fans:

  • 8-Step Binge Worthy Blueprint
    This is where the big wins happen. You’ll discover the 8 key elements for designing your binge-worthy course so your course gets the results you want for your students. 

  • Principles and Frameworks to Get Big Wins 
    You’ll discover exactly how to apply each element of the Binge Worthy Blueprint so you can plan out every aspect of your course that’s relevant for your ideal students, no matter the topic.

  • Guided Assessments
    You’ll take custom assessments that will help you understand where you are with your current business, clarify your ideas, and know the next right steps to take.

  • Implementation Guidelines
    We start with the big picture… move into planning and implementation… and then you’ll discover 5 simple ways to fill your pilot.  It’s soup to nuts! 

  • AI Prompts to Help You Brainstorm, Plan, and Create… FASTER. 
    You’ll get AI prompt examples and templates to help you plan your course, do market research and even design marketing - all to help you do your work faster… NOT let the robots do it for you.


Here’s a look at what you’ll discover in Part 1, What’s Possible as a Binge-Worthy Online Course Creator:

  • How creating a successful course could change your business… and possibly your entire life! (p23.)

  • The #1 reason students don’t finish online courses… and how to solve that problem (p. 33)

  • What to ask yourself when thinking about how to translate your 1:1 work into an online course (p. 34)

  • Ways to create the core element that’s missing in online education (so your students will stay engaged and complete your course) (p. 37)

  • How to help your students LOVE learning from you… no matter how woo woo or out there your material is (p. 40)

  • The 5 P’s for selecting a profitable topic for your course, so you can be confident it will sell even in a crowded market (p. 44)

  • What artificial intelligence can do to help you create your course… and more importantly, what it CAN’T do (p. 52)

  • My favorite AI tools to make planning your course streamlined and interesting (p. 53)

  • Why the cultural trend toward isolation can work in your favor as you plan your course (p. 55)

  • Risks and red flags for using AI, and how to avoid the pitfalls for yourself (p. 56)

  • The #1 element that will take your course “above and beyond” for your students and their excitement levels (p. 62)

  • 7 core elements of online gaming that you’ll want to incorporate into your own course (p. 63)

  • How to identify the 5 universal challenges your students face when it comes to course completion (and how to overcome them) (p. 67)

  • The 7 Big Myths around online courses and why none of them should apply to you (p. 85)

Here’s a look at what you’ll discover in Part 2, The Roadmap to a Life-Changing and Lucrative Online Course Business:

  • The key things your students want to feel when they enroll in your course and interact with you (p. 100)

  • Recent changes in the dynamics of online learning… and how to work with them to make your course binge-worthy (p. 101)

  • How to set the “goal posts” that get your students excited (p. 101)

  • The “missing ingredient” in most courses that elevate your course from information to real transformation (p. 102)

  • Fun and productive ways to surprise and challenge your students, to keep them engaged and progressing through your course to the finish line (p. 104)

  • 5 key benefits to anticipate when you follow the binge-worthy blueprint… for you AND your students (p. 107)

  • The #1 thing your students are looking for when they plug into your student community and how to provide it (p. 111)

  • 10 easy ways to create a sense of community among your students (p. 112)

  • How to use “safe risks” in your course to build confidence and a sense of belonging with your students (p. 113)

  • 3 pathways to 6 figures with your online course, and how to know which is right for you (p. 118)

  • Why the 1:1 + online courses model is so effective for your clients AND your income goals (p. 119)

  • 3 business models that can be built solely on online courses (p. 121)

  • The primary course business model that can work for ANY expertise, practice, or field (p. 123)

Here’s a look at what you’ll discover in Part 3, Create Your Course: 

  • My 6-step process for decision-making and content creation using AI (p. 128)

  • The most effective, most creative way to “brain dump” your way to course content (p. 129)

  • Specific prompts to use with ChatGPT to help you uncover the best ideas and angles for your course (p. 130)

  • How to use the 5 Ps to refine your course ideas & how to use AI to speed up the process (p. 131)

  • The #1 rule your course title absolutely must follow if you want your course to succeed right out of the gate (p. 133)

  • 5 ways to start filling up your course, including step-by-step guidance for pulling each one off (p. 140)

  • My absolute favorite method to sell your course before you make it… so you don’t waste a minute building something people don’t buy (p. 141)

  • 7 factors to consider when thinking about what technology you’ll use for your pilot course (p. 148)

  • 12 tech things “they” will tell you to have before you launch your course… that are absolutely NOT necessary (p. 154)

When you order Binge Worthy for a one-time payment of $4.99, you’ll get an immediate digital download plus all five of the bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

Order your digital copy today and get the exact methods my coaching clients have used to create binge-worthy courses for themselves… and start making the impact you were destined for!

Enjoy the Book RISK FREE with my No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s a simple promise, from me to you: 

Binge Worthy will help you create a course that engages your students and sparks them to change their lives for the better. 

I know these methods work.

But if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason (or no reason at all)…

...just let me know with a quick email to  and we’ll send you a full refund for your book purchase ASAP.

Are you ready to create a binge-worthy course that will pull your students in, build buzz, and change lives?

Here’s what you’ll receive with your purchase of this digital book:

  • 8-Step Binge Worthy Blueprint for Creating Your Next Course

  • Principles and Frameworks to Get Big Wins for Your Students

  • Guided Assessments (you can use to get clarity on where you are and where you want to go)

  • Practical, Step-by-Step Implementation Guidelines

  • AI Prompts to Help You Create Your Course Faster

  • BONUS #1: Book Gamification Course

  • BONUS #2: The Binge Worthy Audiobook

  • BONUS #3: 20 Hottest Niches NOW (plus 175 course ideas)

  • BONUS #4: Case Study Interviews

  • BONUS #5: Binge Worthy Blueprint PDF

When you order Binge Worthy for a one-time payment of $4.99, you’ll get an immediate digital download plus all 5 of the bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

Order your digital copy today and get the exact methods my coaching clients have used to create binge-worthy courses for themselves… and start making the impact you are destined for!

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